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Pretty nice animation! It's got good music, and some nice art.

I'm not sure if it was intended, but the frames were a bit skippy (or whatever you want to call it), but that is in no way a bad thing. It somewhat made the flash creepy or unsettleing. (kind of like a Tim Burton movie? lol)

So in short, this flash was perfect in every way possible.

Good Art - Check
Fitting Music - Check
Nice Animation - Check
Fitting Mood - Check
Hand - . . .

5/5 - 10/10


Title says it all.
I hated this game, but I love this parody.


This flash is random.
I like random stuff.

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One of my favorite games on Newgrounds

This game is extremely addictive.
I played for 4 hours, Went to sleep, then woke up and played for another hour.

Also, the upgrades are VERY rewarding. Every cannon brings you to a whole new level of awesomeness. And for the Golden Gun, just, wow.

As for the art and sound, beautiful. The only complaint I have is with the music. With my excessive gameplay, the music kinda gets burnt into my brain.
Maybe try to add in a playlist that loops?

Besides that, overall this game has great gameplay, a good shop system, and some awesome art to look at while you play!

5/5 - 10/10

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Can't Wait for the Full version

The art and controls are very nicely done, but sadly, there is nothing else to talk about with this beta test.
I see there is a health bar, so will there be fighting in the full version?
Looking forward to the final product! Keep up the good work!

Medals Make Replayability Endless

I was playing for an entire HOUR trying to get under 200 clicks, and sadly, I couldn't.
But still, this is a great game.

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I just died a little bit inside.
Because I know I will never hear something so awesome ever again.

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Or4nges responds:

I'm sorry about your insides, I hope they recover. lol

Also, thankyou :D

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This rocks, I love the attention to detail. I just have to ask you one question, how did you get the background to be the way it is? I would guess it is a form of shading? But besides that, this a great piece of art overall, and definetly deserved the frontpage.

dommi-fresh responds:

the back ground is just sketch book paper but i edit the contrast so it looks that way


The pixelated style is awesome, the zombies are awesome, it's just so full of awesome!

I favorited it. And now it is my desktop.

5/5 - 10/10

Hildebrandt responds:

I am moved by being able to please the preferences in art of an undead penguin. ;)

You can haz a 5!

I love the Gorillaz, and this is pretty good!
I think the realistic art style you have is good, try using it for other cartoon /animated things. That would be awesome!

Pasturn responds:

Thank you, and I have, actually. Most of my work has a basis in Jhonen Vasquez's characters, spanning from his comics to Invader Zim. I've considered applying realism to other cartoons too like some of the South Park characters and the Simpsons.

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