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My first Art submission!

2011-02-06 17:32:10 by UndeadPenguin

I have just now submitted my first drawing to Newgrounds! I really am excited to actually be contributing to the Newgrounds community by submitting my content instead of just sitting back on the sidelines. Sadly, I am just a beginner when it comes to art, and have little to no experience at all, but I hope I can improve over time!

So . . . I tried to make a flash game, and I completely failed. So now I will try my hand at making some Art! I love to draw and I hope I can get some possitive feedback from the Newgrounds community!

Why DO I make news posts? It's not like anyone reads them, maybe I just like to feel important?

Well, I recently installed The Game Factory 2 to my computer, and played around with it a bit.
I am in the middle of making a game now, but I probably won't post a game on Newgrounds until I'm certain It won't get blammed.

Also, I just reached the First rank in BLAM/Save points! I feel achieved!

I have officially been addicted to Newgrounds!

When I didn't have an account, I would come here for a good 30 minutes then leave.
But now that I actually have an account, I have been online non-stop.

I have been consistent with getting experience every day, and even when I'm done with that for the day I'm still playing games, watching movies, and CONSTANTLY checking the Flash Portal for new submissions and seeing If I got Blam or Save points.

Besides that, I have a question.

Q: If a whistle is ever broken, can it be repaired? (Whistle Level, not a real Whistle)

Thanks for pretending you care!

New account!

2011-01-18 14:00:00 by UndeadPenguin

I created a new account today! I have been coming to Newgrounds now for a long time and finnaly decided to stop being a shudden and make an account!

I will mostly be writing reviews on games/flashes/audio but PLAN on getting into the world of flash in the near future.

I know probably no one will ever even read this, but If anyone can help me get a basic introduction into flash creation PLEASE contact me.

Thanks in advanced!